April 24, 2012


Feed Me!

I’m ravenous. I just can’t help myself. From morning to noon to night I am on the hunt for something to eat. I can’t seem to get filled up. I suppose this is a blessing since the choices here are endless and one shop after another seems to be calling out to me.

I start my day with a little pasticcino, like the one pictured above. This was an absolute must for a lover of hazelnuts-a buttery crust topped with hazelnut cream and whole roasted hazelnuts. Two perfect bites from the famous Caffè di Simo on via Fillungo, Lucca’s main street.

Next up was this adorable snack of prosciutto on a tiny roll packed with the punch of olive oil. Okay, I confess, I also had one filled with salami. They’re small, really they are. These came from Forno Amadeo Giusti, famous for their focaccia. I figured since I was there I may as well buy some focaccia too. I went for the one topped with tomatoes.

Do I really need two pieces? Yes, I do. Didn’t I tell you that I’m constantly hungry? Hopefully it’s from all the walking I’ve been doing.

And yesterday from another forno down the street from the apartment-focaccia stuffed with cheese, prosciutto cotto and arugula. I polished it off in a instant.

Well, a cruise around Lucca’s wall beckons me-I have to make sure I’m ready for my afternoon gelato!

Caffè di Simo
Via Fillungo 58

Forno Amadeo Giusti
Via Santa Lucia 18

24 thoughts on “Feed Me!

  1. Oh…I wish I was on a walk with you. I’d love to be tasting all that wonderful food.

  2. Oh my….now I know I need to throw stretch pants
    in my bag! Can’t wait to get to Lucca!

  3. Oh i can taste the salty olive oil goodness of that proscuito on the little roll! I can’t believe it took me 6 years and 4 trips to Italy to get to Lucca but am so glad I did…I absolutely love it…..and the wall walk is better than any treadmill I have seen!

  4. OMG now I am so hungry too! This is exactly what I hoped you’d be doing, seeing, eating and sharing from your adventure. Delicioso 🙂

  5. I am soooooo jealous!

  6. Wishing I was there. Thanks for giving us such tantalizing descriptions. Your joy and happiness are evident.

  7. My stomach is growling now!

  8. You are a girl after my on heart-any thoughts of dieting go out the window when your feet touch Italian soil-yummmmmm!

  9. I love eating everything on vacation. Calories don’t count since you walk it off!

  10. wow!! was it only a year ago since we shared lucca together??? looks as wonderful as i remember

  11. May your appetite for all things Italian continue a lungo Janie!!! Having fun yet? Jxx

  12. we LOVE caffe di simo, too – they have a great little “happy hour” that’s fun. so hard to resist their temptations….

  13. Jealous!!! Soon…very soon…I’ll be there to enjoy…!

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