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April 6, 2012


Easter Candy-Italian Style

I’m a huge chocolate fan and one of my favorite memories of my time in Arezzo was a trip to the Vestri cioccolateria. In case you haven’t been following me very long, I’m reposting these photos from the “behind the scenes” tour I went on with my class from La Cultura Italiana. Imagine my delight when my very first day of school the instructor announced that we were heading off to this local family owned company to check out their preparations for the upcoming Easter holiday.

The shop at Vestri was an amazing sight in itself with gorgeous displays of specialty chocolates in all sorts of flavors, but in the week preceding Easter it’s really all about the giant “gift filled” eggs. If you happen to be in Italy at this time of year you will see these huge eggs made by a variety of producers everywhere that you turn.

It was fascinating to observe the production of these chocolate treats. A giant shell of chocolate is formed and then some sort of novelty gift inserted before the two sides of the egg are molded together. Apparently it’s not unknown for a gentleman to come to the shop bearing a diamond ring and commission an egg for his innamorata. That’s what I call one romantic guy!

The Vestri laboratorio is located just outside the centro of Arezzo. If you happen to be in Florence you have to make a point to stop in their shop where in addition to their chocolates, you will find some of the best gelato around.


Via Romana 161 B/C

Borgo degli Albizi 11/R


6 thoughts on “Easter Candy-Italian Style

  1. I want a big Italian chocolate egg!

  2. Being I’m on a diet I’d like to share an egg with someone…. !

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