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March 27, 2012


Around Town Arezzo

I love Arezzo. It’s a Tuscan town that is mostly overlooked by travelers and tourists. Maybe that’s why it’s so endearing to me. You can walk around town and not hear a word of English being spoken. You’ll be surrounded by Italian families strolling through town, going about their every day activities. If you stay for more than a few days you begin to feel like one of the locals and may even be a bit perturbed when the once a month antique market sets up shop and for two days the town is overrun by visitors.

I passed by this building on Corso Italia (Arezzo’s main drag) many days as I walked around town. I’ve always been fascinated with the family crests displayed on the edifice. I often wonder about the families associated with these emblems and wonder what part they played in the history of the town.

And what about this one? Could it have belonged to the villain of Arezzo?

7 thoughts on “Around Town Arezzo

  1. They have great cigar stores too!

  2. I know what you mean! Arezzo has a very noble air. The shops are different from other towns nearby too. It seems more local traders and little special shops have hung on in Arezzo. Maybe due to the support of the local families whose crests adorn the walls…. I’ve yet to visit on a sunny day for some reason. And the churches are wonderful. Where do you go to eat? Jx

    • Janine-I feel very at home and comfortable in Arezzo. Last year it was sunny and warm every day for two weeks! My favorite place to eat is La Torre di Gnicche-a wonderful small enoteca with delicious crostini, crostoni and bruschetta.

  3. Arezzo is very charming. I spent a Saturday there with my sister while we were staying in San Giovanni Valdarno (studying italian at Il Sillabo). We found the churches, parks and piazzas quite wonderful and the shops and residents had a somewhat sophisticated, but not snobby, air about them. I documented our visit in this blog post in 2010. I share your passion Panini Girl!
    Maria Luisa Tucker

    • Maria-I went to your blog and read all your posts about your time in Italy. How wonderful to be able to go to school there with your sister. Your timethere sounded wonderful. I love Arezzo-I spent a month there 4 years ago and a few weeks last year. I could easily live there!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I just came back from Rome and I so badly want to go back to see Tuscany. Thanks for the views of such a lovely town.

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