February 6, 2012


For The Love Of Formaggio!

Many years ago while living in Boston I discovered a shop called “Formaggio Kitchen”. It was here that I learned that the word formaggio was Italian for cheese. It was also where I learned what it meant to buy cheese from different countries, worlds apart from what I had been buying in the grocery store.

Time has passed and thankfully it is much easier to find cheese from the world over. There’s been quite an artisanal cheese movement here in the US and I love sampling them and finding new favorites. My dream is to someday really learn the art of cheese making and starting a little operation myself. Maybe I should concentrate on making enough for family and friends.

There’s nothing like going to the local mercato all’aperto (outdoor market) at any town in Italy and buying the local cheese. Just looking at these photos makes me anxious for my Spring in Tuscany tour coming up at the end of April. You can bet they’ll be a round of pecorino toscano gracing our table along side some crusty bread and a platter of salumi. Are you surprised to heart belongs to the formaggio of Italy?

**Spring In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca-two spots left-join us for the fun and lots of food!**

9 thoughts on “For The Love Of Formaggio!

  1. We were fortunate to stay in a lovely apartment in Cortona last September-we ate Pecorino Di Pienza and fresh figs everyday. I was in heaven! Thanks for bringing back fond memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How exciting to see pictures of a market in Italy! I will be in Rome at the end of March and I am so excited. My main reason for going is for the food. I will be taking a cooking class. I wish I found your blog before, as I see you do trips and classes as well, but I will follow your blog for future trips. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Low Fat Chick-I want to hear all about your upcoming trip to Rome! I’ll be planning more foodie trips to Italy so maybe next time you”come along.

      • I sure will keep an eye out for your next foodie trips! I will be in Rome for two days only after leaving Ireland, but I plan on making the best out of it. I have a 4 hour cooking class where we go to the market for food and then make pasta and a few other things. That is the only major item I have booked as everything else I want to explore on my own. I cannot speak Italian so I am trying to learn some basic phrases to get around. I am doing this solo so it should be interesting. LOL

  3. Food memories are the best memories! I love sheep’s milk anything really but pecorino di pienza or its umbrian cousins are my favourite. In Italy, wherever I am, I love going into the local alimentari – just getting them to put a couple of slices of pecorino locale in a panino e via! Gorgeous post! Love the photos too! Grazie!

  4. I happened upon a crazy cook cheese shop in Pienza when I was there. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

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