February 2, 2012


On The Ranch

California in the winter-got to love it. A sunny day with temperatures in the 60’s, a slight breeze blowing through this valley. Yes, those are olive trees and I spent a good part of the morning strolling through the trees, while learning about the art of growing olives in California. The climate here in southern California is perfect for growing olives and the oil produced at this ranch can hold it own against any other California oils. Watch out European oil producers, California is coming on strong!

Do you know the difference between a “grove” and an “orchard”? Olives are grown in groves as these trees never lose their leaves. The fruit trees that lose their leaves (as apple trees do) are part of an orchard. A mere eight years ago this land held only four olive trees, the rest were planted and have grown since then.

And what’s the perfect partner to olive trees? Why of course, grape vines. This working ranch produces not only stellar oil, but also balsamic vinegars. The perfect end to our time on the ranch ended with a sampling of its products at their tasting bar followed by a lunch prepared with the fruits of their labor. By the way, an olive is a fruit!

Temecula Olive Oil Company

3 thoughts on “On The Ranch

  1. What a beautiful place. Your winter looks like ours here in Brisbane. There is deep snow in Bagni di Lucca right now. I hope it lasts until I get there.

  2. Janie, can I come visit the grove with you one day? Looks lovely.

  3. Wow. Looks like heaven to me!

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