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December 23, 2011


Pandoro-A Taste Of Italy At Christmas

You probably have heard about panettone-a sweet bread traditionally made in a “cupola shape” and filled with candied orange, citron and raisins. It’s believed to have originated in Milan and makes its appearance in the weeks leading up to Christmas. In Italy you’ll see these packaged delights everywhere and here in the states chances are you’ll see them stacked up in your local Italian market. As much as I enjoy all things Italian, I can’t admit to being a huge fan of panettone-it’s the candied fruit thing-not my favorite.

Thanks to my good blogging buddy Palma I am the proud owner of a pandoro-what I would call a close cousin to the panettone. The pandoro hails from Verona and typically is shaped like a ” frustum”- an 8 pointed star. Like the panettone it’s a yeasted sweet bread, but without the fruit. In Italy you may be served a pandoro that’s been hollowed out (from the bottom) and filled with chantilly cream or gelato. Now that’s a lot more interesting to me!

What I love about the pandoro that Palma gave me is that it’s filled with a chocolate/hazelnut paste-my favorite flavors. I plan toasting the slices and topping them with some whipped mascarpone. Merry Christmas to me!


2 thoughts on “Pandoro-A Taste Of Italy At Christmas

  1. I am not the biggest fan of candied fruit in my baked good either. This sounds wonderful, especially when filled with chantilly cream or chocolate-hazlenut paste!

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