November 3, 2011

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Meet Heather-Your Guide Extraordinaire

If you love Italy, food, and a unique “off the beaten path experience”, then you need to know about Heather Jarmin. This is one woman who truly knows her stuff and can lead you to places you never knew existed. I can tell you from first hand experience that Heather knows more about the food of Tuscany then you do! She’s based in the beautiful mountainous Garfagnana area, not far from Lucca, but can lead you to locales around Tuscany and introduce you to the tastes and traditions of its towns.

Heather is well versed in the food of the area and has amazing connections with its producers. Be it a cheese maker, a bread baker, or a salami pro, Heather knows them all and can create a day full of memories that you’ll remember forever. Check out her website Sapori e Saperi and take a look at her tours for next year. You never know where it may lead you, but I guarantee you’ll be well fed and will have a blast!

Spring In Tuscany-Cook-With Panini-Girl-In-Lucca (2 spots left-join us!)

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