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September 15, 2011

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“You Will Love It, Go!”

Before ever visiting Italy, I had all kinds of ideas of what it might be like. Friends who had been there recounted their love of the country and one after another had the same thing to say “you will love it, go!”. Of course I believed them and over a number of years I read book after book and plotted our getaway. When the time finally came for the big trip I felt like I knew what to expect. Little did I know that it would be love at first sight and that the reality of being there would far exceed any of my wildest dreams. I cried when we stepped out of the train station in Venice on our very first day in Italy. I couldn’t help myself.

What is it about this amazing country? Now I try to explain it to my friends who haven’t been and some times their eyes glaze over as I go on and on about my love for the birth place of my grandparents. Then I show them photos and they begin to see what I’m talking about. I try to relay to them that there is beauty to be found around every corner. From big cities to small towns in the middle of nowhere, from country roads to views from the autostrada, there’s always something that will stop you in your tracks.

On that first trip I never imagined that I would return year after year and get to the point where I would be able to share everything I love about Italy with others. Come with me in the spring and fall in love with Lucca and the countryside. You never know what we’ll discover.


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