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August 20, 2011



On the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Isn’t this the most charming spot-somewhere in Lucca (photo taken by my friend V.from the top of the Torre Guinigi).

I spied this great balcony from the window of my hotel in Florence-the Palazzo Pitti is the building in the background.

Down a walkway in the town of Anghiari outside of Arezzo.

And maybe my favorite-this stunner of a balcony outside my friend D.’s apartment in wonderful Bagni di Lucca.

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19 thoughts on “Balcone

  1. Thank you for your lovely photos…

  2. These balconies are so beautiful – the colors are amazing, makes me miss Italy so much.

  3. Che bella citta’! I have never been to Lucca and your photos have inspired me. The architecture, the flowers, the feeling of serenity — and Florence is just gorgeous in your pictures. I wish we had a balcony!

  4. I have so many photos of balconies from my trip to Italy. I wish there was as much a culture of that here as there is there!

  5. Thank you for the photos of the balconies! Your photos became my “balcony” this morning while over coffee, they remind me of many an hour I’ve spent on them while living in Italy escaping the mundane by watching the wonderful frenetic world on the street below and the blue of the sky above, realizing the larger universe.

  6. Thanks for the lovely photo of my balcony! I hope my flowers are still growing. I’ll see them in October when I go back.

  7. Such beautiful photos. I recognized Debras balcony from her blog which I love. Because of her we added Lucca and Bagni Di Lucca to our trip. We will be there in 17 days…can hardly wait!

  8. I want to sit on that balcony and sip a glass of wine with you!! Someday! Beautiful photos my friend.

  9. Beautiful! Thank you, it takes me back.

  10. After Lucca and Bagni Di Lucca we will be in Cortona, Orvieto and then the Amalfi coast. My husband will fly back to Seattle and I will spend some time in Castel Morrone (near Caserta) where my cousins live. While in Orvieto we are checking out some places for a 6 month stay in a few years 🙂 can’t wait til we leave!

  11. Late to the party, but those are gorgeous photos!

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