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August 4, 2011


Go For Baroque

My fascination with Sicily seems to be following me around. I blogged about it a few weeks ago and since then have been doing research for a trip there in the future. I wish I could say that I had actual dates for our viaggio to this fascinating island, but at the moment, I’d have to call it my dream trip.

For me, the searching, reading and planning is pretty exciting stuff. It feeds the fuel of my love for Italy and keeps me connected when I can’t be there. I recently came upon a great blog written by Jann Huizenga a photographer and writer who lives part time in south eastern Sicily. I love her insight into life there and of course, her photos are fabulous. Last week she was doing a give away for an Italian cookbook (translated into English) on Sicilian cooking. Luck would have it that I was the winner of the book-Sicily’s Favorite Recipes and let me tell you that I can’t wait to get in the kitchen with my prize.

Be sure to check out her blog and maybe you too will fall in love with Sicily and understand why I’m transfixed by this land the gorgeous Baroque architecture that you can find in the southern part of the island. And of course-you’ll want to see what Sicilian specialties I’ve been cooking!

Photos credit to Essential Architecture


4 thoughts on “Go For Baroque

  1. Nice play on words and photos.

    Southern Italy is on my travel to-do list. So far I’ve only been to Rome, Naples and Gaetta.

  2. Janie, thanks for a link to Jann’s blog – she is a very talented writer. I have been reading for an hour now and want to take a class with Giovanna in Ragusa. Have you noticed Jann’s recommendation of her cooking class?

    My laptop died a slow death but before I could retrieve lots of info, including your e-mail address. If stars align, I may get it to come on again. I have a fabulous blueberry bread pudding recipe to send you – I read weeks ago that you love blueberries. I’ve made the bread pudding for three dinner parties and everyone raved about it.


  3. Janice-I will get in touch-I’d love your recipe!

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