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July 4, 2011


Happy 4th!

A little piece of Americana in honor of today’s holiday.

These whimsical cottages are located in the town of Oak Bluffs on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The area is called the Campground and originally was a meeting place for members of the Methodist church.

Wherever you are today, a very happy July 4th to you!


10 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. Happy 4th Janie and John-oh how I could be on Martha’s Vineyard right now-I miss that part of the east coast….

  2. I knew it had to be Martha’s Vineyard at the first picture. Nice choices. Oak Bluffs is a special place. We had a family wedding there.
    Happy 4th!
    GG Husak

  3. thanks, I love this! Happy 4th to you too.

  4. I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard – it’s gorgeous. I love those houses.

  5. Gingerbread!

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