June 29, 2011


Il Teatro Anghiari

I’m not shy about professing my love for Arezzo and the surrounding area. It’s a slice of the real Tuscany and I could take up residence there in a heartbeat. If you find yourself near Arezzo and have a car, you really should take a drive to the medieval town of Anghiari. Situated on the top of a hill right above the valley of the Tiber River, the views from town off into Umbria are amazing.

It’s a charming town to stroll through and if you plan ahead you may just be able to take in a show in the beautiful theater (in the above photo) located in the center of town. Unfortunately I was there in the afternoon and the performances were scheduled for the evening.

Luckily the door to the building was open and I was able to sneek inside for a quick peek. The theater is small, with less than 600 seats. The interior is stunning and as I stood there admiring the decor, I couldn’t help but imagine the scene when the theater was in its heyday back in the late 1700’s.

2 thoughts on “Il Teatro Anghiari

  1. What an amazing place! You are right – just looking at it evokes the 18th century – just imagine the wonderful costumes.

    Pomona x

  2. Pomona-some day I hope to go back and see a performance.

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