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June 11, 2011


Vestri-For Chocolate And Gelato Lovers

I first discovered Vestri a few years back when I attended school in Arezzo. It was Easter week and there was a class trip to this cioccolateria which is located just outside of the town center. It was an amazing afternoon, complete with tastes and a behind the scene tour of the chocolate production. I had planned on taking the bus there to do a little chocolate shopping on my recent trip to Arezzo, but never seemed to find the time.

Imagine my delight when our day of exploring Florence’s food shops led us right to the Vestri shop on Borgo degli Albizi. It was toward the end of our tour and we stopped at Vestri to do a sampling of their gelato. I’m pretty traditional with my gelato preferences and tried nocciolo (hazelnut), cioccolato, caffe, and pistachio. There was no way to choose a favorite, as they were all amazing. The longer we hung around, the more we we sampled. I tasted various chocolates and a few more gelato flavors and I have to tell you, the gelato here is stellar. By this point I’d been in Italy for three weeks and I’d eaten a fair amount of gelato and Vestri was suddenly right at the top of my list.

One more thing, Leonardo who is the son of the founder of Vestri, works at this location and he is friendly, charming and pretty easy on the eyes (sadly no photo)!

Borgo degli Albizi, 11

Via Romana, 161 A

Thanks to my friend A. for the last photo.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

8 thoughts on “Vestri-For Chocolate And Gelato Lovers

  1. one of my favorite things about Italy was an afternoon gelato to tide you over to dinner at a civilized hour. With all the walking I did while I was there I even had zero guilt eating it.

  2. don’t you just LOVE this place? My favorite is the chocolate drink there. (just got to FLorence a few hours ago 🙂 )

  3. Now that is my kind of shop…to visit a few times a day…I miss real gelato!

  4. I think I would be at least 2 stone heavier if I lived in Italy – the chocolate looks absolutely heavenly!

    Pomona x

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