June 10, 2011


Firenze-A Gem Of A Hotel

I’m all about turning others on to great spots in Italy, but this place is small and so special that I almost hesitate to tell you about it. I said almost. I am going to share this wonderful small inn because it’s a little bit of heaven in what can be a crowded and noisy city.

The Palazzo Guadagni is located in my favorite part of the city of Florence-the Oltrarno. If you cross over any of the bridges over the Arno River, you’ll end up in the Oltrarno area of the city. I prefer to stay in this part of the city-it’s a lot less crowded, there’s fabulous historical sights-the Palazzo Pitti, Boboli Gardens, the Brancacci Chapel- and charming streets filled with workshops of local craftsmen.

The Palazzo Guadagni is located on the Piazza Santo Spirito, home to the the Chiesa di Santo Spirito, pictured above. I snapped this photo from one of the rooms in the hotel-pretty amazing, don’t you think? The hotel is located on the upper floors of an old palazzo and is safely tucked away from the noises of the street below. The columned portico is the perfect place to enjoy a drink or lose yourself in a book, relaxing after a day of sight seeing.

Breakfast is served each morning in this delightful room by the ever courteous and helpful staff members. Everyone was incredibly friendly and available to help with any request. The rooms are comfortable, well decorated and have some of the most incredible views (mine had a perfect view of the Palazzo Pitti). I know I’m going back. What about your next trip to Florence? You just might want to cross the bridge and consider staying in this wonderful neighborhood.

Palazzo Guadagni
Piazza Santo Spirito, 9
Florence, 50125

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4 thoughts on “Firenze-A Gem Of A Hotel

  1. This looks lovely. I’ll keep it in mind if I stay in Florence for the night.

  2. The Palazzo Guadagni in Florence is located on the Piazza Santo Spirito, not on a pizza…

  3. The Oltrarno is my favorite side of Florence to stay too – we rented an apartment there for a month a few years ago and it was quiet and lovely and not so far to walk to the center. I will look up this hotel for my next visit to Florence.

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