June 7, 2011


Bringing A Piece Of Italy Home

The day spent up in the Garfagnana was special in so many ways. In addition to witnessing pecorino cheese being and sharing a lunch that was probably the best I ate during my time in Italy, we were given the opportunity to purchase lovely handwoven items. The wool came from the sheep we saw grazing in the fields and was woven and dyed by the daughter of the farmers. She uses all natural vegetable dyes for the wool and then sends her product out to other craftsmen in the area who weave rugs, sweaters, throws and scarves. There were even charming little slippers.

I was more focused on looking around the dining room and was not the first one to check out the items for sale. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one piece that I was immediately drawn to, but I wasn’t quick enough and my friend V. snapped it up. It was a shawl that you slip on over your head and it just covers your shoulders. I loved the muted orange and brown check and lamented the fact that I didn’t see it first!

Imagine my surprise when after our week in Lucca had ended and some of us were winding up our trip in Florence, V. and her niece S. presented me with the shawl as a gift. I can’t wait until next winter to show it off!

Autumn In Tuscany-Cooking With Panini Girl In Lucca

6 thoughts on “Bringing A Piece Of Italy Home

  1. Wonderful photo! This piece looks so great on you, V that was an awesome gift!!!

  2. Lovely! What a wonderful place to visit, something for everyone!

  3. Abbie, Catherine and Debra-I am very lucky and will remember that great day every time I wear it.

  4. Well, now I see why you liked the shawl so much. It’s lovely on you and what a great photo…nice hair cut too 🙂 L

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