June 3, 2011


Lucca Back Streets

This was the view from the window of the B & B I stayed in for a few days in Lucca-it’s the outside wall of the anfiteatro.

A street that I stumbled on after having lunch at an out of the way trattoria one day before my group arrived.

A lovely row of houses just down the street from our apartment. I love Lucca..
Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

5 thoughts on “Lucca Back Streets

  1. So charming, so inviting, so “Italian” – so want to be there~!

  2. I love Lucca-we bought a small apartment outside Bagni Di Lucca @ 2 yrs ago-i just found your site-how nice! I look forward to reading it. We have also toured with Heather many times-I am proud to call her friend…I have a few stories on my VERY basic blog http://www.fromtennesseetotuscany.com. Maybe we will cross paths again. Love your articles so far!

  3. Love love love your site. I was in Lucca last summer; seeing your pictures of the back streets made me long to be back. Thank you for this.

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