May 30, 2011


Antiche Mura-Arezzo

If you’ve read my blog before you know I love Arezzo. If you’re a new reader, I’ll let you in on a little secret, Arezzo is an off the beaten track small Italian city that is worth a detour. I first fell in love with this town three years ago when I chose to spend a month there attending language school. I rented an apartment, went to school each morning, shopped alongside the locals and walked with them in the daily passeggiata.

This year I was lucky to spend two weeks there doing the same thing, although in a different apartment in another area of the town. At the end of my stay I had to move to a hotel for the last few days and I am happy to say that it was easy to fall in love with Antiche Mura, located on the top of a hill, not far from the Duomo.

Antiche Mura is a small inn with six rooms, housed in a building that hails from the twelfth century. I’m sure there have been numerous restoration over the years, but the last one happened only a few years ago. I was thrilled when I opened the door to my room and I saw this charming space. Although small, it was perfect and the bed was so comfortable that it was hard to get up in the morning. Breakfast isn’t served at the inn, but you are given a voucher for a bar right down the road for your morning cappuccino and cornetto (or some other pastry or savory delight).

Take a look back at my previous posts (over under categories) if you want to know more about the town and why it’s a worth a stop. If you do get a chance to stay in Arezzo, Antiche Mura is the perfect place to rest your head after a day of sight seeing.

Antiche Mura
Piaggia di Murello 35
52100 Arezzo

39 333 271 1268

9 thoughts on “Antiche Mura-Arezzo

  1. Wow, a month studying Italian in a small Tuscan town. I am definitely jealous.

  2. What a great room. I love the al white look. I want to do something like this in our Vergemoli house – when it is finished.

  3. Joshua-it was a wonderful experience an definitely the only way to really earn a language-besides actually living there!

  4. I love that room!!!

  5. Another lovely place to stay in Arezzo is Palazzo Spadari. It’s right in the centre on the main street that leads up from the train station. Paola Badioli, the owner, is an antique collector, so you stay among beautiful furniture and objects. She is very ‘simpatica’ and came out to dinner with me on my first night.
    Corso Italia, 144 (for some photos)

  6. Heather-thank you for the tip on Arezzo-it looks like a great place. I must have walked by the building countless times, not knowing these rooms were in there.

  7. Thanks for this post, we hope you’ll come to visit us again! 🙂

    Our best regards

    Famiglia Lancini

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