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May 24, 2011


Beautiful Bagni Di Lucca

Not too very far from the hustle and bustle of Lucca lies the charming town of Bagni di Lucca. You leave the city traveling along the Serchio River and before too long come upon this small town. I am lucky to have gotten a personal tour from my blogging buddy, D., who lives part of the year here. It was easy to fall for this town and I can see why she chooses to live here.

The building with the columns in this photo the Bagni di Lucca casino, supposedly the oldest casino in Europe and possibly the original home of roulette. The casino did re-open for a while, but I believe it’s closed once again.

I don’t really have any information on this tower, but it is one of a few located on the bank of the river. Looks old to me!

And last but not least, the view into town from D.’s balcony. Not only can she keep an eye on the action in town, but she also has an incredible view of the river valley shown in the first photo. Thank you D. for sharing your town with me. You can see more about the town if you click on Bagni di Lucca and Beyond over in my blogroll.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl in Lucca

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bagni Di Lucca

  1. Great photo of the village!! I miss it already.

  2. I love your town and look forward to going there again.

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