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May 23, 2011


Here ComesThe Bride

This was the gorgeous view that we had from the balcone of our apartment. I never tired of gazing out on the piazza below and watching the endless stream of people going by. Looking back through my photos I see that I took shots of the church at various times of the day.

One Sunday afternoon we came home and spied band members in uniform milling around with their instruments, waiting for something to happen. Then we noticed this cute ape (three wheeled truck seen all over Italy) decorated with ribbons and flowers.

All of a sudden we realized that there must be a wedding going on inside the church and we would have a bird’s eye view when the bride and groom departed. What is it about weddings that just draws us in and makes us want to watch? We weren’t the only ones-there were plenty of others hanging out in the piazza, waiting for the wedding party to emerge.

We waited and waited for what seemed like forever for them come out and drive away in the cute little truck. Finally the band began to play (reminding us the the wedding scene in Sicily in the Godfather) and the bride and groom appeared in the midst of their well wishers. In the end, they never did get into the truck, but walked away down the street, hand in hand. I think maybe the bride had arrived in the ape and we just missed that part of the scene.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca


4 thoughts on “Here ComesThe Bride

  1. oh how beautiful. I love how the facade and bell tower looked as if they were dipped in cream 🙂

  2. People watching is so much fun in Italy and your balcony was a great perch.

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