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May 18, 2011


Ponte Del Diavolo-The Devil’s Bridge

I've been fascinated by this bridge for some time after seeing photos our friends took last spring while exploring the Garfagnana. You definitely need a car to get around this part of northern Tuscany, but it’s worth renting one, even for a day to check out the scenery here. Lucky for me, Debra from Bagni di Lucca and Beyond offered to come to Lucca to pick me up and drive me to visit her home town. Soon after pulling out of Lucca the road began following the Serchio river. You can drive on either bank of the river, but Debra opted to drive on the more picturesque side with less traffic. All of a sudden there it was right before us-The Devil’s Bridge.

The bridge, located near the small town of Borgo a Mazzano, was built sometime in the 12th century and is a good example of medieval engineering. Legend has it that the bridge was scheduled to be completed by a fixed date and as it drew nearer the builder realized that he wasn’t going to finish in time. He went to the devil for help who then promised to finish the bridge in return for the soul of the first person to cross over the bridge. The builder, distraught over his decision, then asked for guidance from the local priest who advised him to send a pig over first. This is exactly what he did and be beat the devil at his own game!

Of course I had to walk to the top and you can’t really tell from my photo, but the incline is rather slight until you get almost to the top and then it becomes quite steep. The view in either direction was magnificent and I am happy to say that I got to back a second time when I took my group up to the mountains for the day.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca


6 thoughts on “Ponte Del Diavolo-The Devil’s Bridge

  1. Hi Janie.. I grew up hearing the story about the devil and the pig on that bridge. In October there is quite a Halloween celebration that takes place there. Thousands and thousands of people. If you liked that bridge you should try crossing Il Ponte Sospeso (aka as the dancing bridge) also off SS12 north of Bagni d iLucca . Maybe in Oct?

  2. Ida-will you be there in October? I would love to meet you and find the other bridge too!

  3. Hi Janie..
    I sent you an email to your address you have for your tours. be great to show you my end of SS12.


  4. There is another version of the story where a dog is sent over the bridge. I absolutely love this bridge and it always delights me when I pass.

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