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May 12, 2011


What’s For Breakfast?

Yesterday morning V. and S. decided to take a walk in the morning and visit one of the more famous pasticcerie in town for a cappuccino and a pastry. I couldn’t resist asking for them to bring a little something home to me. Having already been there myself earlier in the week, I knew that anything that they brought would be wonderful, but I did say “nothing fruity” and “chocolate or hazelnut would be nice”. Look what I got- one perfect bite-a crispy chocolate shell studded with chopped hazelnut, filled with gianduia (chocolate/hazelnut cream), topped off with a whole hazelnut. I think I know where I’m headed this morning!

4 thoughts on “What’s For Breakfast?

  1. Wow, that looks awesome. Is it like a Ferraro Rocher?

  2. OMG my kind of breakfast food! I’ll be “home” in Garfagnana next week and your blog has made me even more excited than I already am. Hope to meet you in the fall as I’ll back at that time also. I ‘hope to meet Debra too(bagni diLucca).

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