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May 7, 2011


Do You Sciopero?

Or in other words “strike”. Yesterday was one of the “announced” strikes which Italy is famous for. At least they let you know! It was on the news and posted in the bus station and I just happened upon this parade of strikers.What I found curious was that their parade was led by a police car which cleared the way for them. Next came a van with a loudspeaker blaring out their demands. I was fascinated.

6 thoughts on “Do You Sciopero?

  1. I bet u joined em, sounds like u r havin a great time. We miss u.

  2. I have learned to look out for this word. It happens regularly and can be such a nuisance as it almost aways involves public transport.

  3. the best thing about these sciopere are that sometimes they just last for an hour đŸ™‚

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