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May 6, 2011


Welcome To The Neighborhood

My group arrives tomorrow. The weather is unbelievable and what a joy to be out and about without stepping in puddles and constantly being on the lookout for someone’s umbrella coming your way. That was last year-this is now and it’s perfect. I have been savoring every moment walking around the neighborhood where we’ll be staying, checking out the closest panificio (shop selling all types of bread and focaccia), where to have our morning caffe, and of course my personal favorite-the pasticceria. After all, this is a food focused trip-do I really need to explain?

Just around the corner is this small canal running the length of the street. It’s a real neighborhood with people walking and riding their bikes to run their errands. I found it interesting that in Lucca there are people on bikes everywhere, whereas in Arezo I never saw a single one-too many hills there!

These towers are close by and they aren’t even part of the wall surrounding the city. I wouldn’t mind being locked up in this neighborhood-that is as long as I could send someone out for food!

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

6 thoughts on “Welcome To The Neighborhood

  1. They were part of an earlier wall. I love this part of Lucca.

  2. I found my Eating In Italy book from 20 yrs ago (yesterday was cinco de mayo), and the restaurant in Lucca which was closed because it was Sunday was called Giulio in Pelleria on Via San Tommaso 29. I wonder if its still there? We could only stay that one afternoon.

  3. Catherine-I tried to make a reservation there for Sunday evening but they’re closed then!

  4. My wife and I went to a wedding in Luca a couple of years ago. We stayed in a hotel just down the street from the photos on your page. We had a lovely time there and the city is just beautiful. My favourite part though were the trees on the top of the tower.

  5. Well it’s nice to know they’re still in business so maybe one day I can eat there. FYI, my book said they are closed on Mondays too.

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