May 5, 2011


My Private Lucca Tour

I have a friend that I’ve finally met in person. Years ago when I was a child, you had a pen pal-someone who lived in a faraway place and who you would write letters to. Who writes letters on paper anymore (except me)? With the internet and email it’s so easy to make new friends. When I started this blog over three years ago I had no idea that it would lead me to friendships. What an incredible thing. I’m sure my mother worries that I will meet some crazy person this way, but so far it’s been other women who share similar interests.

Debra, who writes the very informative Bagni di Lucca and Beyond blog came and spent the day with me in Lucca yesterday. She discovered my blog about a year ago when I posted a photo of the aqueduct nearby here. Of course, once I saw her blog I was immediately interested, as she lives part of the year in the town of Bagni di Lucca about a half an hour outside of Lucca, and the rest of the time in her native Australia. Her photos are fabulous and I love hearing about her travels both near and far from this area.

It was a perfect sunny spring day and we covered the city from one end to the other. She led me to all her favorite spots for clothing, housewares and of course, food. She showed me places I may never have found on my own and introduced me to the shop owners. We lunched in a charming small piazza at a place with the most entertaining owner and delicious food as well (Paris Boheme-Piazza Cittadella). To top off our afternoon we walked along Lucca’s wall and marveled at the incredible scenery. Thank you Debra for sharing all your precious spots with me. Get ready Panini Girl In Lucca guests-I’ll soon be sharing them with you too!

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl in Lucca.

8 thoughts on “My Private Lucca Tour

  1. Yay, CAN’T WAIT!!!

  2. Thank you for the lovely words. I love that a blog can lead to friendships. To think that you can write something and it appeals to someone who lives far away with a different life is great. It is a surprising and delightful part of writing a blog. I look forward to meeting your friends.

  3. Beautiful pictures – aren’t blogs amazing – you read them, you become friends on line, you meet in person, and then you meet more of them in the place you love most in the world-PERFECT!

  4. How fabulous ..:-) yes my boys (sons) think i am mad for meeting people who I only know through the blogging world .. but yes it definitely can lead to great friendships , I have fabulous friends in Paris (yep met them) and in other parts of France .. funnily enough Bagni di Lucca is on our wish list to visit ..:-) I think we all need to come over to Lucca 🙂

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