May 4, 2011


Sono Arrivata-Lucca

Yes, after two trains and much hauling of the heavy bag on and off said trains, I arrived in Lucca yesterday afternoon. I don’t really mind being responsible for my own luggage, but by the time I got to my B & B, I was simply exhausted! It might have helped if I’d taken notice of the actual address of the inn because then I would have stopped dragging the bag around sooner. I knew the general vicinity of its location, but not enough to find the front door. In the end, I made a phone call and said “dov’è?” (where are you) and the kind innkeeper came out and found me-I was mere steps away!

Thankfully I was not too tired to go out and start exploring. The streets were filled with shoppers, some tourists and lots of people riding bikes. I wound my way in and out of street after street, not even bothering to look at a map. How lost could I get? Some of the areas I remembered from my last visit, others were new and I tried to remember all the great food shops that I had seen. Of course I stopped into a few and bought various goodies for back in the room. The weather is spectacular and I can’t wait for my guests to arrive on Saturday. More later-I’m off for another walk.

The first photo is of the famous Torre Giunigi with its trees on top-we should probably climb up and take a look at the spectacular view from the top. The other is of the beautiful Chiesa di San Michele.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

2 thoughts on “Sono Arrivata-Lucca

  1. My friend Gail, who is meeting you in Italy on Saturday told me about your blog and I LOVE IT!! What a great, adventurous life you must have. Enjoy her visit and be safe!

    • Barbara-you must be a good person if you’re a friend of Gail-she’s the best and it’s so exciting for me that she’s joining me here! I love Italy and have always wanted to share that with others. Doing this is a dream come true for me.

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