May 2, 2011


I Want One!

Strolling through the antique fair on Saturday, I noticed a group of people hovering in the doorway to a courtyard.Thinking it might have something to do with food I went over and joined the crowd. Inside, under the porticos was a collection of vintage vespas. I walked along checking them out, glad that I had decided to see what all the action was about. I stood there contemplating which one I wanted to ride away on.

Yesterday morning I Ieft my apartment early, dragging my large suitcase behind me. It was time to check out of the apartment and move to a b & b in a another area of the centro. It’s only for a few days, but I still had to haul all my things over to the new location. Of course most of the way there was uphill and over those uneven stony roads, it was not as easy as I had hoped. As I crested the top of the hill and came upon the Duomo at the top of town, there before me were hundreds of vespas. What a sight! I hurried to drop off my bag at the inn and came back to wander through the massive show.

I stopped, took a few pictures and then left to get a cappuccino, happy that I had checked out the scene before it had gotten too crowded. Later in the morning as I walked back to the inn all the vespas were gone. I guess they all left together for a ride through the Tuscan countryside. I only wish that this cute red one had been left behind for me…

Although I must confess that I could be just as happy with this blue one!

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

2 thoughts on “I Want One!

  1. Well at least we won’t be fighting as I want the yellow one!

  2. Those look like so much fun – I would be looking for a purple one…at least parking is a lot easier!!

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