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April 29, 2011


Eat Your Bread

I have a new favorite shop-it’s Panficio Rossi just a few few blocks from school. Now this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up the pasticceria, I’ve just added another stop to my foodie quest for local specialties. I figure you can have bread with any meal so why not buy a little something?

The shop is tiny, as so many of them are, and there are probably at least twenty varieties of pane for sale. I’m also drawn to all the little bite-size savories too. Yesterday I sampled a small round of pastry simply topped with a slice of tomato and an olive-just perfect. They also make a few rectangular pizzas where you just show them how much you want and they cut it off for you. Same with the bread-don’t want a whole loaf-well the’ll halve or even quarter it and then it’s weighed to determine the price. I love this place!

And the staff is always patient with me as I try to make a selection for something I don’t know the word for. This charming young woman was skeptical about me taking her picture, but look at that great smile!

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca


3 thoughts on “Eat Your Bread

  1. Now you are talking my favorite food-I can smell it through the computer-lucky girl!

  2. Linda-you would go absolutely crazy-I can hardly stop myself from buying everything!

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