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April 26, 2011


Over The Wall

Whenever you walk around the centro of Arezzo, at some point you’ll find yourself walking up a hill. Some of them are gradual and others are steeper. At the top of the town is the Duomo (Cattedrale) and a beautiful park. The last time I stayed here it was cold, raining and some days hailing. It wasn’t exactly weather where you’d want to be strolling around, exploring.

Yesterday the sun was shining, it was actually hot and I decided to walk around the park. There were families having picnics, boys playing calcio (soccer) and couples walking hand in hand. I hadn’t even realized that there was a stand up there selling drinks and snacks.

I decided to walk all the way over to the wall and much to my surprise when I peered over, there before me was the beautiful countryside of Toscana-practically within reach. Olive trees, hillsides covered in trees, flowers starting to boom. Having arrived by train, I had no idea that this was on the other side of the ancient wall surrounding that once surrounded the city. It’s a mere block way from the medieval buildings of the town. What else have I missed? Maybe it’s time to explore a little further…

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca It’s not too early to start making plans!


4 thoughts on “Over The Wall

  1. WAH! Wish I were sharing……:-)

  2. WAH back at you-you should be here enjoying every single moment-maybe even taking a few language classes!

  3. Everything sounds perfect so far! Beats Easter in Vegas! Enjoy every second.
    I’m packed, but have 15 days to go!

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