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April 25, 2011


Come To My Garden Party

Why don’t you join me this splendid afternoon for a glass of prosecco and a little something to nibble on? You could sit under the wisteria or out on the lawn. I thought I’d serve some crostini with tapenade and maybe some fava beans and fresh pecorino from a farm in the hills outside of town. Of course there will be a platter of salumi (someone has to help me eat it) and tiny artichokes marinated in extra-virgin olive oil.

Yes, this is really my garden. I don’t even have to share it with anyone else in the building (well, with the owners, of course, but that’s fine with me!) It’s really quite amazing and thankfully the weather has been perfect to enjoy this oasis.

If you stick around later I may just whip up some pasta for dinner. Speaking of making some pasta, it’s time to start thinking about joining me in Lucca in October. There will be cooking and shopping and exploring not only Lucca, but also to the countryside outside of town. We’ll take a guided trip up into the mountains of the Garfagnana to visit a cheese maker. Think of fall colors, cooler temps and olives ready for the harvest. Of course we’ll pop into Florence for a visit to the Mercato Centrale, sampling as we go. Food, fun and friends.

Autumn In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

Contact me at with questions or to make a reservation.

11 thoughts on “Come To My Garden Party

  1. Don’t you just love wisteria???

  2. OMG girl!!! I am in heaven watching your trip unfold!I am saving my pennies and i am going with you in october!!! Enjoy ! (how could you not)
    love you

  3. I would definitely join you for a prosecco .. and a little something to eat ♥

  4. With all that salumi and formaggio in your frig and that beautiful garden, a party is definately needed. Wish I could hop on over there. I think I’d try and bribe one of your Italian lessons to meet there for class one day.

    I don’t have wisteria but my Star Jasmine are in full bloom here is the sunny Southwest and its profumo is intoxicating, love it.

    Hope your Italian lessons are going well.


  5. Wow what a stunning show from the Wisteria. The scent must be intoxicating. I think I will plant one- but where….9 days and I will be saying certo to the offer of prosecco.

  6. I think you just described my perfect afternoon. I miss Italy!

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