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April 24, 2011


Buona Pasqua

Walking around town there are so many little details on buildings that touch my heart. I saw this yesterday and it brought to mind a song I used to sing in Latin when I was in choir back in grade school. I think we actually sang it at Christmas, but being that today is Easter, I’m sharing it with you now.

During my stay in Arezzo a few years back there was a certain church that I passed each day on my way to class. No matter which route I took to get to school, I always walked by La Chiesa SS. Annunziata, since it was closest to my apartment. For some reason I’ve adopted this as my favorite of the many churches in town. It’s not as grand as some (the Cattedrale) and doesn’t have the incredible frescoes of others (Basilica di San Francesco), but there’s a statue inside called La Madonna delle Lacrime that I’m drawn to.

I did attend Easter mass here today, but I couldn’t take a photo of the Madonna as the statue is behind the altar. There I was in a pew surrounded by three “nonne” in their eighties.

Happy Easter. I’m off to eat some chocolate after forty long days of abstinence.


6 thoughts on “Buona Pasqua

  1. Chocolate is so good for you.

  2. Happy Easter Janie. I’m making a leg of lamb with roasted potatoes, my first beat salad, asparagus, and my first Pavlova. We have too much chocolate in the house. I hope my guests/family eats it all today.

  3. Chocolate, yippee, being the Jewess that I am, no lent, but today we are going to a Greek Easter feast next door. Lamb, Greek potatoes, Greek salad, and of course chocolate.

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