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April 22, 2011


The Class Trip

One of the things I love about attending Cultura Italiana is that in addition to the very personalized language classes, there are school outings a few afternoons a week. Remember how much you looked forward to those class trips when you were in grammar school? Well it’s the same thing except without the name tags and hand holding! We meet in front of school an hour or so after classes end and one of the teachers accompanies us to a local sight of interest. Some days we walk, other excursions require taking the bus.

Besides being able to visit places that I might not have found on my own, it’s one more opportunity to hear and speak the language. Yesterday’s group included students from Japan, South Africa and Germany and yes, I could have spoken English with everyone except the guy from Japan, but we stick to Italian and as you can well imagine, have some pretty basic conversations!

Not far from the main part of the city are the ruins of the ancient anfiteatro (amphitheater). Back in it’s day it was really quite sizable, holding 8,000 spectators (Rome’s Colosseum held about 10,000). There’s not much left at present except the ruins and a building (from a much later period) that once housed a convent-it’s now an Etruscan museum. Notice how the building mimics the shape of the ancient amphitheater.

Next week a trip to the hill top town of Anghiari which is holding its annual festival of crafts.

Cultura Italiana language school with locations in Arezzo and Bologna.


2 thoughts on “The Class Trip

  1. How cool – you get to take field trips and enjoy the best food and wine on the planet-sounds like its working out just fine so far…!

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