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April 21, 2011


Perfection In A Cup

Why do you have togo all the way to Italy to find a cappuccino like this? Every sip is pure perfection. There’s no separation of milk and coffee-it’s one entity, down to the last drop. I rushed to take this photo-I’m not one for taking pictures in food establishments.

This will be a quick post-my internet connection is really spotty today-here one minute and gone the next. Today was day one at school and I loved it. I have my favorite teacher and am so glad I decided on private lessons. I learned so much today and the one on one attention is just what I need. Homework is done and it’s time for dinner. I promise to post more tomorrow when my connection is better (or I go to a cafe to use the internet). Don’t laugh but this gorgeous coffee and my internet go to spot is called Coffee O’Clock. I’m not sure if it’s a chain or not, but the coffee is delicious, it’s always full of locals and the staff is great. Yesterday I was waited on by the same guy who made my drinks three years ago.

J., I dedicate this cappuccino to you…


12 thoughts on “Perfection In A Cup

  1. I feel the same way about Italian coffee! I am so interested in taking an Italian refresher course in Arrezzo next year the way you are doing! Would you be willing to give readers some of the details about your arrangements? I’d like to know how much saving I’m looking at and what is the best way to arrange lessons. Grazie!

  2. Glad you are happy….. Wish we were both there! 😦


  3. Yes, my dad was stationed in Germany during the Korean War. He got to travel a bit during his R&R. There is a photo of him in front of the Colosseum too. I can just taste the cappuccino. It is so fun to be able to enjoy your trip with you. Thanks.

  4. I like the heart shape of the milk swirl!

  5. The coffee is great in Italy. You can go to the most ordinary looking bar or to a railway station and know you are going to get a great coffee. Annalisa at the Bar Italia across the bridge from our place in Bagni di Lucca does the best cappuccino and excellent pastries to go with it. I go every morning.

  6. Ah! Unlike the Starbucks I am currently sipping with it’s bitter burnt taste… first sip “why did I stop st Starbucks?” oh yes because the good coffee house on the way up PCH was busy. Shame on me

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