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April 20, 2011


On The Street Where I Live

Yes, I love my new neighborhood. I really should call this a lane instead of a street, as it’s really quite narrow and cars aren’t allowed in (although I’m sure some of the tiny Italian cars could fit). It’s located in a quiet area but is really rather close to both Corso Italia (the main drag in town) and Piazza Grande (the famous square featured in Life is Beautiful*). My building is tucked away behind the wall on the right side of the photo. About two-thirds of the way down there’s a locked door and imagine my surprise when I turned the key and came upon my own private garden.

It’s a little slice of paradise and I am very lucky to have access to this kind of space in the centro.The weather is unusually warm and before that changes I plan on taking full advantage of this charming spot right outside my kitchen door. Maybe I should be out there now doing a little studying before I start class tomorrow. Or maybe I should walk back up to the wine bar and sit outside there and enjoy the scene. Take your pick…

*Roberto Benigni is from Arezzo and the movie was filmed here. Walking around town you come up various locations where scenes were shot.


17 thoughts on “On The Street Where I Live

  1. It all looks lovely – and I have table napkins with the yellow pattern!

    Pomona x

  2. Panni Girl!!!!!!!! Oh, I just love, love, love, your entries!!!! Someday I hope to accompany you…I have a 50’s black and white photo of my dad having breakfast al fresco with a hand written caption of Arezzo underneath. Maybe I could find the hotel:)

  3. Oh my gosh!! again i say ” you lucky girl”. I wish I was with you!!

  4. Oh my God , I can’t believe you are there!!! I meant to email you the other day but was exhausted. I’m so proud of you , it’s just so amazing I could almost cry. I’m so happy for you and wish I could pop over and join you for a glass of wine and help wash up after your cookery classes when your guests arrive. Wow, I’m totally gob smacked and can’t tell you enough how proud I am!!!!!!!!!! Love B xxxx

    • B-why aren’t you here with me?! I miss you and you would be the perfect sous chef. Right now I’m only cooking for myself, but what dinners we could make together! I will e mail you!

  5. oh yes, and it all looks absolutely beautiful and I know how happy you are right now (even thought you’ll be missing J)

    B xx

  6. Oh, Janie, I am thinking about you. Micha and I are sitting here wishing you well! Your students are so lucky. Much love from way up north. šŸ™‚

  7. It looks fabulous. Isn’t the weather amazing? It has been good most of the time I have been here – more than 2 months.

  8. So glad the weather is nice for you and you can take it the sights and sounds of this beautiful town-and sip wine and enjoy your own garden!

  9. You’re new place is absolutely charming. This makes me want to just pack up and move to Italy… it is becoming too dangerous to read your blog entries šŸ˜‰

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