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April 17, 2011


Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

I am dedicating this post to J.,my wonderful husband who is celebrating his birthday today (yes we started the partying last weekend in Paso Robles!). He is always there for me in every way-be it tasting whatever it is I’m cooking up or urging me on in my quest to share all that I love about Italy with the rest of you. Thank you J.-I couldn’t do any of it without you…

Next up Cooking With Panini Girl in Italy in Autumn.


8 thoughts on “Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

  1. Happy Birthday-you’re still a young man J (that would be a line from a TOP song)

  2. Happy Birthday J!! And yes Janie you are a lucky girl. Have fun on your great adventures!! xxoo See you soon!

  3. Happy Birthday to you J from my J and I! We will celebrate it with you in proper style in August!

  4. Happy birthday J!

  5. Thank you all! I am spoiled….. 🙂

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