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April 12, 2011


I Need A Blogging Pardon

Okay. I confess. I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been busy. What am I busy doing? Preparing for my time in Italy!

Here’s the scoop: I leave next Monday for Arezzo. I’m flying to Florence and taking the train down to Arezzo where I’ll be in school for about two weeks. I’ll be studying grammar, speaking Italian all the time and doing research for another “Cook With Panini Girl In Italy” excursion. At the end of two weeks I’ll be back on the train heading up to Lucca where I’ll have a few days to settle in before my guests arrive.

It’s spring time in Tuscany and we’ll be out and about exploring Lucca and the nearby Garfagnana countryside. Our time will include a visit to a cheesemaker making pecorino and ricotta cheese. We’ll meet her daughter who is a weaver, using the wool from their sheep. We’ll also stop by ancient mill which is still in operation, grinding wheat and corn.

What’s a trip to Tuscany without some time in Florence? Our day will be a foodie’s delight as we tour the Mercato Centrale and other shops along the way, sampling as we go. Eating, sightseeing and shopping-I can’t wait! Be sure to keep checking in as I’ll be updating the blog during my month in Italy. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Join me in October for another week exploring and eating. Details coming later this week.


12 thoughts on “I Need A Blogging Pardon

  1. i completely understand the blogging pardon 🙂 Your trip sounds so fun…safe travels and have a WONDERFUL time!

  2. Your trip sounds wonderful. I’m interested to hear how your 2-week language school went. I luv luv luv Lucca, my favorite small town. Have an amazing time.

  3. Can’t wait!!!

  4. Hope you have a fabulous time. All that planning and research – now time to enjoy!

  5. Hi I hope that you have a fab time in Italy ..the school sounds great .. something I should look into doing. I would love to go to Lucca one day and Florence. I have just been to Italy , but in the North East .. It is fabulous!

  6. I can hear the bounce in your step in the cheer in your voice; it’s the sound of a Italophile preparing for takeoff. I wish you the most wonderful time while you are there, and I feel sad I am not there as well, because you never know – I could always have met up with you somewhere along your journey. Tuscany is not that big. Much luck, in bocca lupo and enjoy your stay!!! (Cant wait for the photos)

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