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March 17, 2011


The Kitchen Is Closed

I haven’t been in the kitchen recently, hence, not a lot of blogging going on here. We were away for a few days enjoying the fruits of someone else’s time in the kitchen and that was a huge treat. Upon our return, work began in our kitchen where we’re doing a few upgrades and so I can’t cook. It’s driving me crazy! I’m walking around thinking about food and creating meals in my head.

So what am I doing besides being frustrated? Well, the countdown for Italy has officially begun and with a mere four weeks until my departure, I’m trying to tie up loose ends in preparation.There are recipes to work on for the cooking classes in Lucca. There’s my ever-growing list of what to take. And let’s not forget that I’m trying to brush up on my Italian after being pretty lax about studying for quite some time. After all, when I arrive in Arezzo for school I want to be able to say more than “Mi chiamo Janie” (my name is Janie).

I’ve been pulling books off the shelf and reading up on Arezzo, Lucca and Firenze, since I’ll be spending time in all three places. I found books I don’t even remember buying. Need help with planning a trip to Italy-get in touch! Where to eat, where to shop for food, where to stop and sit with a glass of wine and watch the world go by. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Things I know I’ll be doing: visiting a farm where the mother make pecorino cheese and her daughter is a weaver; stopping by a working water mill where chestnuts are ground into flour; strolling through the famous Arezzo antique fair; learning the secrets of the cuisine of Lucca; making pasta, eating pasta; drinking countless perfect cappuccinos in the morning and lots of Tuscan wine in the evening and then there’s more food… Four more weeks!


11 thoughts on “The Kitchen Is Closed

  1. I’ll see you in Lucca. The best coffee place in Florence is Giacosa, behind the Roberto Cavalli shop onVia Tornabuone – perhaps we can have a cappuccino together there.

  2. I am so excited for you-its going to be a wonderful trip with great food – of course you’re the chef, how could it not be!!

  3. Yay! I’m going to be going to Italy in 4 weeks too! So excited! It’s my first time! I’m so lucky to have a fabulous native Tuscan to show me around the countryside (he even said we’d visit Lucca!). Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great trip with fun food adventures. I want a full report.

  5. I am so thrilled to be a part of this trip. All your plans sound wonderful, Janie. I cannot wait to meet you at lunch today, then on to Lucca in May!

  6. Hey, what are doing to the kitchen? Sorry I won’t be in Italy with you. We do look forward to seeing you after you return. Dinner @ your house, YEAH.

    • Reverend Dave-looking forward to hosting the next dinner. Maybe we’ll have some dishes inspired by my time in Lucca. Come on the next trip in the fall-details coming soon!

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