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March 9, 2011


Got Cheese?

Do you like cheese? I’m passionate about it and dream of someday spending time on a farm so I can learn the art of cheesemaking. How cool would that be! I’ve made ricotta in my tiny kitchen, but that’s about it. Would our neighbors mind if I had a few sheep or goats out back and spent my mornings milking?

Until I can start my career as a cheesemaker, I will have to satisfy my yearning by sampling the best cheeses that I can find. Don’t you wish these cheese vendors pulled up to your local farmers’ market every weekend? I’d like to say that they were regulars at my mine, but I must admit I found these vendors at a mercato all’aperto in Italy. Now if you had signed up to Cook With Panini Girl in Italy not only would you be able to shop like a local and buy the freshest Italian cheeses at one of the amazing markets we’ll visit, but you’d be visiting a mountain farm where it’s made. Don’t miss out-check back soon for details on my trip this fall. Great food, stunning scenery and lots of fun!


2 thoughts on “Got Cheese?

  1. The cheese around here is so good. Not long now until your trip.

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