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March 2, 2011


Spoken Like A Native

I want to share a description of Italy that all of you Italophiles will certainly be able to relate to. It was written by Francesco Bucci, one of the owners of Papplecco Gelateria in San Diego. When I first read it, I was struck by the fact that Francesco, a native of Pisa, completely understands how most of us stranieri (foreigners) feel when we step down on Italian soil. I’ve tried to describe it to friends who haven’t been there, but his explanation says it better than I ever could. Read what Francesco has written and when you’ve finished head on to down to Pappalecco for an authentic Italian experience-coffee, gelato and more. Chances are you’ll be seated next to someone speaking Italian.

Little Italy
1602 State Street
San Diego CA 92101

3650 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

*If any of you readers have friends or family in San Diego, be sure to let them know about Pappalecco.


5 thoughts on “Spoken Like A Native

  1. Yay! LOVE this place. I was so excited the first time I visited- it truly felt authentic. The people are so nice and the gelato was great!

  2. Wow I think he hit the nail on the head – traveling to Italy is like coming home….what a beautiful piece and Pappalecco has the most amazing gelato-sitting outside drinking one of their delicious drinks…feels like home…

  3. I know how I felt when I first step on Italian soil …. felt like home to me too … just felt right … but there again I feel like home when I step on to Mainland Europe .. ♥

  4. I love ice cream & I especially love gelato! I would love to check this place out.

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