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March 1, 2011

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Read Your Labels-These Are Walnuts!

I’m crazy for anything with hazelnuts. My “go to” flavor when ordering gelato is nocciola (hazelnut). There’s always a stash of hazelnuts lurking in my cupboard, bound for a a cookie or cake. Have you been following my quest for the perfect hazelnut torta-you can read about it here and here and here! Well this morning my hazelnut hopes were dashed when I realized that the cookies I had hoped to bake would have to feature walnuts as the star, not my beloved hazelnut.

I have to backtrack to our last trip to Italy when we were shopping in a small supermaercato outside of the town of Lucca. I spied these packets of what I thought was hazelnut flour. For me this was like hitting the motherlode of ingredients. I had visions of returning home and going crazy in the kitchen, baking all sorts of hazelnut delights. Don’t ask me why, but I guess I forgot about my “hazelnut flour” until a few days ago. Inspired by my recent success with my almond fingers, I decided to adapt this recipe and use the hazelnut flour for the cookie, dip them in chocolate and then in chopped hazelnuts. My mouth was watering. I couldn’t wait to sample the fruits of my labor.

I had planned on following the recipe for the almond fingers in my last post, while substituting the hazelnut flour for the almond flour and omitting the lemon zest. I snipped open the packet and poured the “flour” into my bowl. All of a sudden I saw a big piece of walnut and thought “what’s this doing in here?”. I wasn’t too concerned until the next walnut fell out and then I decided it was time to read the label on the bag. Lo and behold, it said noci (walnuts), not nocciole (hazelnuts) as I had thought. This was flour with ground walnuts! After a brief moment of disappointment I decided to forge ahead and change my plans to include walnuts. These are not the cookies of my dreams, but nonetheless, they’re tasty.


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