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February 11, 2011


Meet Palma-Super Blogger!

I am dedicating today’s post to Palma-author of Palmabella’s Passions. I met Palma and her husband in person a little over a year ago after following her travels through Italy and in the kitchen for quite some time. Seems that we have the same passion-cooking and anything and everything Italian. This is a woman who is a phenomenal hostess and an invite to dine at her house is not to be missed! She is also possesses a wealth of knowledge about Italy from her many trips there and when we meet we can sit and talk for hours on this subject.

If you have a blog, you know that at times it can be difficult to sit down and write something. A few years I back participated in a blogging event where during the month of November you had to post something every single day. I remember breathing a big sigh of relief on December 1st! Palma has taken this type of blogging challenge to a whole new level. Three years ago she started posting every day for the month of February and has been at it ever since-everyday! Congratulations Palma and thank you for all your recipes and for taking us along on all your travels. Next stop Italy!


7 thoughts on “Meet Palma-Super Blogger!

  1. Thanks for the link. I had a look and read some of the stories. I never run out of things to blog about. I don’t always do a post each day, but I could. I worry about boring my subscribers. Now that I am back in Italy I will be psoting everyday. I already have about 10 stories waiting in the wings.

  2. Debra-you would never bore us! Keep posting.

  3. I think this is amazing .. well done Palma ..:-)

    I am on a blog break, cannot think what to blog about … this does happen to me at least once a year.

  4. Anne-I totally understand and feel the same way at times. I don’t feel like I should post just for the sake of posting. I’ll keep checking to see when you’re back!

  5. Palma is amazing! Truly a wonderful woman, inspiring and fun!

  6. Valerie-Palma has so much energy and when we get together it’s non stop Italy and food fest!

  7. OMG! I FINALLY had a minute to catch up on blog reading! You are so sweet to write about me and my blog! Hope to see you very soon! Thanks to everyone else too!

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