February 9, 2011


One More Time…

I promise that this will be the last post on puff pastry for a while. I guess it’s that I’m just thrilled that I can actually whip up a batch of this fascinating combination of butter and flour. I normally have a box of the supermarket variety on hand in the freezer and now I will make sure to always have a batch of my own.

Over the weekend I made apple turnovers, which looked great, but my filling was a little too tart. I had defrosted a whole batch (lesson learned-next time I will roll it and slice in half before freezing), and did not want it to go to waste so I came up with these savory tarts. Filled with ham, gruyere and a little bit of dijon, they puffed up quite nicely (I’m still apprehensive when I place the tray in the oven) and sliced in quarters they made the perfect hors d’oeuvres with a glass of wine.

For an informative tutorial on making puff pasty, check out this post from Not Without Salt to see just how it’s done. Next thing you know you’ll have flour all over your kitchen and flaky crumbs all over your shirt!

5 thoughts on “One More Time…

  1. Hey Janie, did you receive my email yesterday? I’ve sent you a couple of text messages on the phone but suspect that they haven’t reached you 😦

  2. I’m still using the frozen variety. I really do have to try this.

  3. For all of you who might have tried to check on the link on making puff pastry over at Not Without Salt, it’s now working!

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