February 3, 2011


Ready, Set, Speak Italian!

I’ve been studying Italian for a little over four years. I suppose I should rephrase that and say it’s been four years since I began studying, since there hasn’t been a whole lot going on lately. I love to take classes and actually enjoy the work involved, but I’ve been lax and my Italian studies have slipped somewhat. My good friend V. puts me to shame. She takes every class she can find and meets with a tutor. I, on the other hand, haven’t taken a class since my month long stay in Arezzo in 2008. I do watch Italian TV (RAI) and listen almost exclusively to Italian CDs. I have conversations with myself in Italian (in my head!) and some times answer J. in Italian which never ceases to put a puzzled look on his face. Truth be told, I wish he’d join me in my quest to conquer this beautiful language so we could talk together-we’ll see…

It’s time for a refresher and what better place to do hit the books again than Italy. Before I head off to Lucca to meet up with my group for Cook With Panini Girl In Italy you’ll find me up on the top floor of the above building, attempting to converse with others who share my passion. What better way to get ready for being the “communicator” than to throw myself into a situation where the only language I can use is Italian.

After class I’ll be strolling Corso Italia along with the Arretini (citizens of Arezzo) and passing by this building with these fascinating “family crests”. There are so many places that I want to explore-places I never made it to the last time, even though I was there for a month. All I can do is hope that the weather will be a lot more cooperative than the last time when I saw three days of sunshine in thirty days!

And what about food? Well, since I love to cook I tend to shop and make dinners in my apartment. This is where I’ll be stopping to pick up fresh pecorino cheese and other locally produced specialties. Right across the way is a panificio with traditional breads and flatbreads. Don’t even get me started about the gelato in town.Have you been to Arezzo? it’s worth a detour, take my word on that.

5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Speak Italian!

  1. Sounds like the perfect detour to me.

  2. What fun!!! And glad to hear that your trip is fully booked – I’m sure it will be a fun-filled adventure! I can’t wait to hear all about the trip once you return (or maybe while you are there …for some live updates!!!).

  3. Arezzo looks so beautiful – I also heard they are famous for their gold jewelry-sounds like a perfect first stop before your cooking tour!

  4. Have fun!

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