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January 24, 2011


The Glory Of Winter

While much of the country is either digging out from the last storm or preparing for the one that’s on the way, we lucky residents of southern California are basking in unseasonably warm weather. Sorry to everyone that’s not here. You can thank us though for the great produce that the state sends to stores far and wide.

So while many of you are scraping, shoveling and dreaming of warmer climates, I will revel in the glory of the produce of California and give a big thanks to the farmers who make me happy each and every week.

The cabbage was perfect for my Zuppa Valdostana. The beets will have to wait until I have more than J. to cook for-he’s not a fan. Parsnips, well I have a confession-I’ve never cooked with them-well maybe once I included them in a platter of roasted vegetables. As for avocados-I usually don’t have to buy them at the market. My mother-in-law has what seems like an endless supply from trees in her yard. They’ve been turning up in salads, on sandwiches and of course, guacamole.

As much as I yearn to move and experience another part of the country, I would be hard pressed to give up my weekly sojourn to the farmers’ market. Cooking from the seasonal market has become such a part of my life that it’s hard to imagine going into a grocery store in a colder climate and trying to select vegetables to build a meal around. Vegetables wrapped up in plastic and presented on a little cardboard tray is not my idea of shopping, let alone inspiration.

One more thing-I would like to say a big grazie to my amazing husband J.. As I was perusing the veggies and thinking about meals, he was snapping all these gorgeous photos.


2 thoughts on “The Glory Of Winter

  1. Such a fabulous choice of vegetables .. The Beets would be handy here, we all love them 🙂 and wow how lucky with the Avocados.

    Yes veggies wrapped up in sellophane is not good, happens here a lot:-(

  2. Oh, how beautiful! Look that those beets! I wish avocados would grow in Norway… How are you?!

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