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December 21, 2010


Making A List…

If there’s a cook on your list, here are a few ideas for some things that they might like. I personally love to give food as gifts and can only hope that the recipients are as excited as I would be by any of these.

Extra-virgin olive oil-of course Italian olive oil is always high on my list but if you’re in California, two brands that I love are Pasolivo from the Paso Robles area and Stonehouse, whose groves are further north in the state.

Italian dried pasta-one of my all time favorites and what I always carry home from Italy-Campofilone from the Le Marche region. The best thing is that you can buy this brand from It’s not cheap, but it is incredible!

Maldon Sea Salt-this salt hails from the UK. These flakes will brighten up whatever dish you sprinkle them on. One sure fire way to enjoy it is to put a tad on caramel sauce over vanilla ice cream.

Cheese-hand cut and wrapped from a cheese shop. Go and ask for a few samples and buy a variety of small pieces and give with crackers or a baguette.

Chocolate-to bake with I’m partial to Valrohna or Callebaut. I usually buy these when I visit the fantastic restaurant supply store-Surfas-in Los Angeles, but you can also order from there on line shop-Culinary District-where you’ll find all sorts of interesting food products and cooking supplies.

Two other great resources for food gifts are Zingermans and Penzeys Spices.

As for me, I’m to the kitchen to bake up some crackers to give as gifts. Hope you find a food gift under your tree, or in the fridge!.


4 thoughts on “Making A List…

  1. I hope Santa is kind to you this year. Have a wonderful Christmas and a new year full of lovely travel.

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