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December 10, 2010


The Way To My Heart

I’m a lucky gal. One of my best friends from growing up spoils me once a year with a big box of books. It’s usually a mix of novels (some not even released yet) and the rest are-you guessed it-cookbooks that have just come out. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning as I wait for J. to haul the box inside. My friend, the gift giver, is a great judge of what’s a good read and all I need is some time to delve into the big pile of books beside the bed.

So far I’ve read one of the novels and am on my second. I must admit that the first thing I did upon opening the box a week ago was to go through the two travel books that were about Italy. No surprise there! Today I finally pulled five of the cookbooks aside and started savoring them, page by page.

Usually I’m not much for cookbooks by famous chefs, but the new book by Alice Waters-In the Green Kitchen is a book that would be a great gift for someone who maybe is new to cooking and could use some guidance in technique. The subtitle to this book is called Techniques To Learn By Heart and I look forward to sitting down and reading this book cover to cover. Each chapter (technique) is authored by a well known chef or person in the food industry and I know that there are more than a few tips that would serve me well in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been cooking- there’s always something you can learn and you can’t take the basics for granted.

Check back soon for reviews on the rest of my stash!

4 thoughts on “The Way To My Heart

  1. I met Alice Waters this year at Salone del Gusto. David Prior, a friend to Liz and I, introduced us. We were thrilled to meet her.

  2. ooh. you ARE lucky. What a wonderful and generous gift. Look forward to hearing what else is in your stash. Cookbooks are my favorite things to give (and get) at Christmas.

  3. Bagni di Lucca-you are so lucky!

  4. Domenica-one year I think Big Night In was in the box!

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