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December 6, 2010


Market Magic

I haven’t blogged much in the last few weeks. I could blame it on the holidays or maybe I should just confess and admit that I haven’t been feeling very creative in the kitchen. Over the weekend I got just what I needed-a big dose of inspiration from our visit to the wonderful Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market.

There are farmers’ markets all over California, but the Saturday market in Santa Barbara is one of the best, and definitely my favorite. If we’re in town on a Saturday morning, we always make time for the market. Besides the incredible produce and flowers, it’s great a venue for people watching and some years back we spied Julia Child inspecting some vegetables!


4 thoughts on “Market Magic

  1. I have to admit those photos make me (here on the east coast) a little envious. My farmers’ market (the one closest to my house) shut down the last week in November and won’t reopen until spring. There are still others around, including a great market in Dupont Circle in DC, but it can be hard to get up and go into town on a lazy Sunday morning…

  2. That rainbow chard is gorgeous!
    Our market will last 2 more weeks……they put up tents and have heaters in order to prolong the season. I am in Newburyport Mass. and last night it was 23′ and we had snow flurries. White Christmas anyone.

  3. Those photos are amazing – I am jealous you got to go-but I am happy you celebrated your birthday in Santa Barbara, got recharged and are ready to start baking those cookies – LOL!

  4. Aren’t the colours gorgeous?

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