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November 29, 2010


Back To Baking

I’ve been threatening to start my holiday baking for the last few weeks, but for some reason or other I haven’t gotten around to it. Today I finally took out the butter and got started. In years past, I made a lot of different cookies, packed them up in cute containers and handed them out to lots of friends. I’m not saying that I won’t be giving some away, but I that realized about this time last year that I baked because I wanted a stash of cookies around the house. Am I being selfish? I’d like to think not. I just have a serious love of cookies!

If you want to see someone who takes holiday baking to a new level, stop over at Palma’s blog and take a look at what she created last year in her kitchen. I know she’s up to more of the same and this year is also taking orders for her delectable cookies. If you’re in the Palm Desert area, you should seriously think about placing an order. I wish I lived next door so I could be her “taster”.

Today I started with the ever popular “nut balls”, using my mother’s recipe. Most will go into the freezer for future gifts, but I’m definitely keeping some out for my daily fix. As for my future endeavors, there will be more cookies, but I’m still trying to recreate the fabulous hazelnut cake that we ate in Piemonte. I never take photos in restaurants, but J. took this one for me and as I gaze at it I’m taken back to one incredible evening. I think I just might need to go back and order this torta one more time. Want to meet me in Acqui Terme?

9 thoughts on “Back To Baking

  1. I’m waiting patiently for that hazenut cake too! 🙂


  2. Love your blog. Do you have the recipe for the Hazelnut cake?

  3. Pat and Miranda-I have two recipes that I still want to try. I also have a partial recipe that the restaurant owner gave me in Acqui Terme that I’m going to try and work out. She didn’t use an actual recipe and so showed me a cookbook (in Italian) which was similar to hers. We’ll see what I can come up with!

  4. Looking forward to that recipe. Looks great!

  5. I opened up “Lidia’s Italy” this morning and found a recipe for her Piemonte Torta di Nocciole. It contains a slight amount of orange zest and olive oil in addition to butter. Good luck.

  6. Thanks, Janie!

    I’ve gone through 25 lbs. of flour, and I had to stop counting the pounds of butter, but lets just say Costco has nothin’ on me! I was thinking of you this morning, as the double batch I’m baking now are chocolate, and I NEED a taster. Brad will have to do it…

  7. I have some gnocchi freezing. But, I need to do more. Maybe those Parmesan and thyme crackers of Ina’s. That’ll be easy and good!

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