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November 19, 2010


Recipe For A Perfect Day

*Wake up to the sun shining in a charming small town in Piemonte.

*Get in your car (of course after eating the sumptuous breakfast that your talented innkeeper prepared for you) and head out on the winding back roads through the Langhe region, passing vineyards famous for Barolo and Barbaresco.

*Stop to explore the beautiful towns you’ll pass along the way. Pop into a pasticceria and buy a box of the local pastries to nibble on.

*Find the perfect restaurant where you’ll be dining besides Italian families on the mouthwatering food of the region (Brasato al Barolo-beef braised in wine and Agnolotti al Plin-delicate pasta filled with roasted meat and vegetables) and drinking wine from their vineyard. Don’t you just love how it’s perfectly normal to indulge in wine with your lunch in Italy?

* Be sure to buy some wine to take home with you, although “home” might just be the inn where you’re staying since you can’t wait to open that bottle and relive the memory of your perfect day!

Via Mazzini 4
Serralunga d’Alba


4 thoughts on “Recipe For A Perfect Day

  1. What a lovely view from that restaurant-wine for lunch, sounds good to me even in San Diego!

  2. Ooo, it sounds lovley!

  3. That really would be perfect!

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