November 11, 2010


Calitri Revisited

I was looking through my photos this morning when I came upon the all the pictures from our 2005 very brief trip to Calitri (in the Avellino province of Campania)-the birthplace of both of my grandparents. Back when we decided to visit Calitri, there was almost no information available on line. I struggled to find a hotel for our one night there and located one or two posts about pottery making in the area. We really had no idea of what to expect.

Although both my grandfather and grandmother came from this small hill town, they did not know each other until they were introduced in New York. as far as I know, my grandfather never returned to his home town. My grandmother visited once after the Second World War and left everything that she came with for her impoverished family. I think at the time my grandmother had one sister left living there.

When we visited the commune (town office) was unfortunately closed for a week. I had hoped to go on and view the records for my ancestors, but this didn’t happen. Much later I was lucky to receive an in depth accounting of my family’s genealogy, thanks to a blogger whose family was also from the town. It certainly saved me a lot of work and went back to the early 1500’s. What I would really like to know is who my relatives are in Calitri today!

Now there’s an incredible amount of information available on the internet about this town. I believe this is due to the fact that the older, almost abandoned part of town has been restored and now many foreigners, as well as Italians, own homes there. Our next visit will most definitely be an extended one and we will stay in one of those restored buildings and hopefully will be meeting with some of my parenti (relatives).

5 thoughts on “Calitri Revisited

  1. That would be amazing for you to meet family living there now. Now that’s a post I can’t wait to read! Love the photos.

    • Tina Marie, Debra and Casalba -I can’t wait to get back and really spend time there. I’m thinking of writing letters and see if I can find any relatives who we can meet.

      • Just returned from a three week stay in Calitri. No i don’t have an Italian family connection, but came upon the village by accident while searching for realestate on the web. looked at the village in June 2010 and revisited in December. Emma the real estate agent showed us about 10 houses and the last one was the winner. been back 3 times since to do the deal and hire the contractor. finished the renovation last week and we started to move in furniture. During our total of 11 weeks in Calitri we have made many friends both english and italian speaking. been invited into their homes and had drinks in the bars.

  2. I’m also looking forward to reading that post. How amazing that your grandparents came from the same town, but met in New York.

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