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November 10, 2010


Places In My Heart

Yes, there’s gelato all over Italy and no, they’re not all the same. In any given town it’s not unusual to have more than one gelato shop. I was lucky to spend a month in Arezzo a few years ago and made it my mission to try all the gelaterias. Even though for the most part it was cold and rainy during my entire stay, I was never too cold for a gelato and had one almost every single day.

Il Gelato was my absolute favorite shop in Arezzo. If you happen to visit this charming town, definitely seek out this shop. I used to stop here on my way home from school, until I moved three doors down. Then I stopped by whenever the mood struck, at any hour of the day. What I wouldn’t give now for a cup of their nocciola (hazelnut) and pistachio. Thankfully I have Pappalecco where I can get really delicious gelato. Unfortunately, it’s a 40 minute drive, not three doors down (maybe that’s a good thing!).

Il Gelato
Via de’ Cenci, 24
52100 Arezzo, Italy

1602 State Street & 3650 5th Avenue
San Diego, California


5 thoughts on “Places In My Heart

  1. Hazelnut and pistachio are my favourites too. Paolo, in our village makes delicious gelato. When in Florence, look for Grom and in Rome, San Crispino. At San Crispino I have liqurezza, licorice – it is incredible!

  2. Hi!
    Have found your blog and realised we share the same yearning, moving to Italy.
    Are you in Facebook? Would love to connect and become your friend.
    Look for Rosaly Palma Torvnes and add me?

    Thank you!

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